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EarthShare Washington is a natural fit with the values of our attorneys and staff.  Whether volunteering in the outdoors, or learning more about sustainability, the people at Stoel Rives appreciate EarthShare Washington’s leadership and connections to the conservation community.

Melanie Curtice
– Managing Partner (Seattle), Stoel Rives


Engage employees in meaningful conversations about the way you live, work, create and consume.

We can provide expert speakers for employee forums, as well as green lifestyle tips and other content from trusted environmental charities.


86% of  EarthShare donors feel better about their employers for offering green giving options.

Expand your employees’ philanthropic choice while providing a simple, convenient way to support conservation and healthy communities – locally, nationally and internationally.


Volunteer projects can  improve overall employee  satisfaction and loyalty.

Connect your employees with hands-on volunteer projects, such as beach cleanups, trail maintenance, park restoration and community gardening. We can help you organize an offi ce volunteer day with our member organization.



I’m impressed by Earth Share’s dedication to creating awareness, taking action, and providing financial and volunteer support to environmental groups--and I feel that my pledge is one small way that I can help this important group make a difference.

S. R. – Microsoft employee donor


Our supporters

Representing an array of vetted nonprofit organizations, EarthShare Washington is often a person's introduction to the conservation / environmental community.

For people who care deeply about the environment - yet have neither the time nor resources to research programs that ignite their passions - EarthShare Washington can point them in the right direction. Today, with the recent surge in corporate sustainability planning, we’re now equally known as a business and community resource – for volunteer programs, education and outreach, and helping people find programs and activities that appeal to their passions.

EarthShare Washington is part of a national organization, EarthShare, that manages nation-wide giving programs and there are also several other state EarthShare affiliates.


Workplace Giving

More than 70 businesses and government agencies now partner with EarthShare Washington (ESW) to offer employees an environmental choice in their annual workplace giving campaign.

Donations through workplace giving enable EarthShare Washington (ESW) member organizations to spend less time fundraising and more time working toward a healthier environment. Gifts to ESW are shared among our member groups with the majority of funds staying in Washington State.

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Our board of directors

The issues

Overwhelming scientific consensus and real-life impacts tell us that global warming is real, is caused by human activity, and is a significant threat to our health, economy and environment. Warming temperatures are responsible for rising sea levels, changes in the distribution of plants and animals, droughts, wildfires, increased risk of some infectious diseases, deadly heat waves, food and water shortages, and international conflict. EarthShare members are committed to addressing the causes and impacts of climatechange, as well as advocating for bold, sustainable, renewable energy solutions.


A sustainable and healthy environment requires well-trained leaders capable of executing creative solutions to future challenges. Environmental education also builds awareness of how to live in a way that conservesresources for future generations. Educational programs aimed at children and adults are critical as the building blocks for a healthier and safer planet.EarthShare members are fostering generations of informed environmentalists, ready to tackle challenges like global warming, air and water pollution, and wildlife protection.


Protecting land is more than just preserving picturesque lands capes. Plants, animals, and humans depend on the systems nature provides—nutrient cycling, water purification, and pollination, among many others—to survive. Rapid development of the habitats that support such systems makes conservation an imperative. EarthShare member organizations are working to save parks, habitats, and ecosystems across the country and around the world.


What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves. Pollutants reach humans through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, and can endanger our health in both immediate and long-lasting ways. Climate change is intensifying our allergies, changing the spread of infectious disease, increasing ozone-related health issues like asthma, and threatening the safety of our food supply.EarthShare member organizations are researching and reporting on the chemicals in our food system and self-care products, fighting the causes of climate change, protecting our air and water, and so much more.



Every living thing on the planet shares the same water resources and these resources face severe challenges in the years ahead. Global warming increases the frequency and severity of droughts and floods. Runoff from industrial processes like electricity generation and manufacturing adds pollutants to rivers, lakes, and oceans. Of the 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water on the planet, just2.5% of it is fresh water. With increasing demands on resources, water scarcity could result in conflicts between people and a loss of biodiversity as aquatic habitats disappear or are irreversibly damaged. EarthShare member organizations are addressing water scarcity and pollution, marine life and fresh water endangerment, and climate change-driven impacts on the water supply.



Habitat loss, climate change, poaching,and pollution paint a bleak picture for threatened and endangered species around the world. Species extinctions not only throw ecosystems out of balance but can impact our food system, economy, and eliminate potential scientific and medical breakthroughs. EarthShare member organizations are protecting the at-risk species in our backyards and around the world.


Our member charities

EarthShare Washington is comprised of over 60 organizations that work to protect the environment locally, nationally, and internationally. Many of these organizations are based here in Washington State.  We support groups that work on: Wildlife Protection, Water Issues, Human Health/Children's Health, Forests, Parks and Land Conservation, Environmental Education, Climate Change and Energy.

When you donate through an EarthShare Washington giving program you can choose to make one gift to support all of our causes and member charities, select a mix of issues you want to support or give to one or more of our vetted member charities.


EarthShare Washington | 1402 3rd Ave, Suite 525 | Seattle, WA 98101 | 1.206-622-9840