Application for membership

Our next application process will open in 2022 for membership in EarthShare Washington for the 2023-2025 calendar years.


EarthShare Washington (ESW) is committed to representing premier organizations whose work contributes to livable communities and a healthy planet.  It is understood that ESW is not a quick fix for unrestricted fundraising; rather, it is a relationship whereby both the applicant and ESW's benefit. Dues are paid annually by member organizations and based on various factors (size/budget/income) of the organization. Median dues are $1900 and the average dues are $2750 annually. Conversely, each local organization receives an equal share of undesignated funds (money raised for EarthShare Washington) which ranges from about ~$4000 to ~$6000 annually.  

The total value from your membership is based on being part of workplace giving programs both in the public and private sector and the money donated to your organization through those programs, plus your share of undesignated pool of funds, minus your dues. There are also other opportunities to make and grow partnerships with companies and the ability to participate in outreach and inclusion in our annual Earth Day fundraising campaign.

ESW requires a one-time initiation fee of $500.  The fee, which is itself a statement of commitment on behalf of the applicant organization, may be paid over a period of two years from the join date and is deducted from your payouts.

All prospective and current member organization will be evaluated for a 3-year membership term commencing in January 2020. All organizations (current and potentially new) will follow the same application process and timelines.

Application due date will be set in 2022

A committee appointed by the board evaluates the applications. The EarthShare Washington board of directors has the final say in who will be an ESW member. They will take into consideration the evaluation committee recommendations, the overall makeup of EarthShare’s membership, and finances.

Criteria for membership

EarthShare Washington's local organizations must meet the following criteria.

Mission and Impact

The organization’s mission must address critical issues that are important to the people of Washington.  Its programs must clearly demonstrate benefit(s) in one or more of the following 6 key issues:


It must provide services to a significant population of the State and/or have a substantial impact on the environmental health of the state.  It must have a program presence in Washington for a minimum of three years and does not engage in or advocate illegal activities.


  • Provide written financial statements or audited statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • Provide a completed financial audit from the previous year (if expenses or revenue taken from the organization's most recent 990 exceed $250,000.
  • Demonstrate that funding sources are stable and diverse.

Administrative & Governance

  • Hold tax-exempt status pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any other applicable law.
  • Submit materials for ESW’s annual application to public sector (government) employee giving campaigns (examples include the Combined Federal Campaign and the Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive).
  • Demonstrate an ability and commitment (from the organization's Board and staff) to fulfill ESW’s work requirements to promote and endorse ESW to its constituencies.
  • Be governed by a mostly voluntary board.
  • Have a policy that does not permit discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Annual membership requirements

EarthShare Washington and its member groups are partners in raising funds through workplace giving.  ESW therefore requires that each member group participate at a minimum level annually. Please view the “Affiliation Agreement” document below and make sure your organization can fulfill the requirements outlined within.

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Current members can use their existing logins. New applicants will need to request an account on the next page.


EarthShare Washington | 509 Olive Way, Suite 1234 | Seattle, WA 98101 | 1.206-622-9840