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We want to thank Port employees who pledged over $13,000.00 to EarthShare Washington and our member charities over the past three years. Their support of conservation efforts here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world has helped our member charities build a healthy environment and greener future.

Our tagline, “Where a sustainable world is headed” to communicate our goal to be a national leader in sustainable port operations, and the Port’s many award-winning environmental programs provide measurable benefits to the community and a competitive edge for our customers.

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Green business news

Green Biz
The King County Employee Giving Program, which enables County employees to support charities through their workplace, received a national award from EarthShare. The award was presented Wednesday to County Executive Dow Constantine and Program Administrator Junelle Kroontje. William Borden, Executive Director of EarthShare Washington, represented EarthShare.   ... read more

Green tips

Green Tips
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Engagement tools

Engagement tools
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