Our member charities

EarthShare Washington is comprised of over 60 organizations that work to protect the environment locally, nationally, and internationally. Many of these organizations are based here in Washington State.  We support groups that work on: Wildlife Protection, Water Issues, Human Health/Children's Health, Forests, Parks and Land Conservation, Environmental Education, Climate Change and Energy.

When you donate through an EarthShare Washington giving program you can choose to make one gift to support all of our causes and member charities, select a mix of issues you want to support or give to one or more of our vetted member charities.

If your 501c3 is interested in becoming a member please see our application process here.

Our corporate partners may also give to the following organizations:

  • American Bird Conservancy
  • American Solar Energy Society
  • As you Sow
  • Bat Conservation International
  • CERES, Inc.
  • Children's Environmental Health Network
  • Earth Island Institute
  • EARTH University Foundation
  • Earthworks
  • Environmental Integrity Project
  • Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
  • Food & Water Watch
  • Forest Stewardship Council - US Forest Trends Association
  • Friends of the National Zoo
  • Green America
  • HawkWatch International
  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
  • Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
  • National Aquarium
  • National Environmental Education Foundation
  • NatureServe
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Sustainable Harvest International
  • The Regeneration Project
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Xerces Society
  • Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Our members are all vetted 501c3 organizations.






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