Connect! Your Guide to the Environment Online #1: Land & Parks


Protecting land is more than just preserving picturesque landscapes.

Plants, animals, and humans depend on the systems nature provides—nutrient cycling, water purification, and pollination, among many others—to survive. Rapid development of the habitats that support such systems makes conservation an imperative. EarthShare Washington member organizations are working to save parks, habitats, and ecosystems across in our state and around the world.

Hiking Responsibly

Here are the seven tips to help you make the best decision for how to get outside right now. Making temporary changes to how you hike right now will help keep everyone healthier.

Forterra's Land Conservation Meetings

The things we love about living in the Northwest depend on land— keep up with virtual events and meeting that discuss our land at Fortera.

Washington Wild

plays an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. They bring people together in defense of our wild forests, waters, & wildlife.

Mountain to Sound Events

From outdoor recreation and farmers markets to festivals and family-friendly events, here’s where you’ll find hundreds of things to see and do year-round Greenway.

Meet the environmental community - watch short videos introducing our great members.

A Donation to EarthShare Washington goes to our member charities with a majority going to support our local members the remaining going to our to national charities.

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