Human Health/Children's Health

What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves. Pollutants reach humans through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, and can endanger our health in both immediate and long-lasting ways. Climate change is intensifying our allergies, changing the spread of infectious disease, increasing ozone-related health issues like asthma, and threatening the safety of our food supply.EarthShare member organizations are researching and reporting on the chemicals in our food system and self-care products, fighting the causes of climate change, protecting our air and water, and so much more.


Zero Waste Washington

Zero Waste Washington is championing a responsible and comprehensive approach to the “stuff” we use and the resources that go into making it. We have been the catalyst for breakthrough recycling programs and legislation in Washington for over 30 years.           


Futurewise protects Washington’s working farmlands, forests and shorelines and builds strong healthy communities for present and future generations.


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