Creating a sustainable region through conserving land, building better communities, advancing policies, and providing professional services.

At Forterra we treasure our region, and we’re committed to ensuring that what we most value will be here for future generations, but to do this we need to act urgently, collaboratively, and equitably.

Guided by the game changing principles of the 100 year Cascade and Olympic Agendas, Forterra achieves significant impact by partnering and collaborating with stakeholders throughout the state toward a common goal – a sustainable, livable region. Today, our Corridors to Sustainability and Cities for All initiatives take our work from urban centers to rural communities, from working lands to iconic landscapes, as we balance environmental, social, economic and recreational needs. Whether we are partnering to conserve over 50,000 acres in the Teanaway, helping pass urban agriculture policy to improve access to healthy food in Federal Way, or collaborating with elected and civic leaders toward a model of a more livable, greener, denser urban neighborhood in South Lake Union, Forterra's mission to further our quality of life and keep our region special remains at the heart of what we do. After 25 years, we’re in it for the long haul.

Forterra is an effective leader for regional sustainability with a 100-year vision and action plan for the region. To date we’ve permanently conserved 238,000 acres of land and improved the quality of life for people in over 80 communities.


Our mission is to act with immediacy to protect, enhance, and steward our region’s most precious resources – its communities and landscapes.

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