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The Washington Council of Trout Unlimited Preserves, Reconnets and Restores cold water fisheries and their watersheds across Washington State. We work with Federal Agencies, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, landowners, and other non-profit organizations to identify issues concerning salmon, steelhead and trout, build problem statements, and design and implement solutions. Our strength is our passion for helping fish and our ability to work with anyone to bring about a positive result.

Cold, clear, clean water is necessary for life, human and fish. What is good for native, cold-water fish in Washington is good for the humans who live here. To have cold, clear, clean water it is mandatory to have healthy watersheds, strong ecosystems, and a stable, unaltered environment. The Washington Council of Trout Unlimited has a Climate Change Chair that works with TU National to advocate on climate change issues. They have a strong understanding of climate issues in Washington and make sure that our voice is heard on a national level. We have a State Conservation Committee that works on issues within the state. We know that we can't work on fish in isolation from the rest of the environment. People like to fish, to get outside, wade in streams and boat on lakes and rivers. As we promote fish health we believe we are also promoting human health.


Trout Unlimited's mission is to Protect, Reconnect and Restore Washington's fish and cold-water ecosystems. We believe that by working with legislators, agencies, landowners and other NGO's we can produce better results than litigating issues.

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