Seven Things That Can Go Wrong on a Bike—And How to Fix ‘Em!

Great how-to for Bike Month from Rails to Trails Conservancy. Get out of your car and really reduce your carbon footprint in May.

Rails to Trails Conservancy news - RTC is pleased to present this special "How-To" in honor of Bike Month! We’ve all had those days where things just didn’t go as planned. Your water heater failed mid-shower, your roommate drank the last of your milk, and you can’t find a pair of socks that match. And that was before you even left the house. Unfortunately, these unlucky instances can strike when you’re on your bike, too. But while some things are simply up to fate to resolve, others are under our control! Here are (unlucky number) seven things that can go wrong on a bike ride—and some ways to cope with them. 1Getting a Flat Tire Yeah, we know. They suck. But they’re a rite of passage, and you shouldn’t let the risk of getting a flat keep you from getting on your bike. Preventable? To some extent, yes! Be sure to pump up your tires to the proper level of inflation (check the sidewall of your tire for reference), and consider investing in puncture-resistant tires. And if it happens? Your best weapons against a flat tire are a patch kit, tire levers and a hand pump. If you want to learn how to fix a flat, YouTube is a great option, or take a class through a local shop or bike advocacy group. 2Running Out of “Gas”...



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