EarthShare Washington adds voice to (In)Divisible Report

EarthShare Washington Executive Director, Joseph DiChiaro III is quoted along with EarthShare Washington members Climate Solutions and Washington Environmental Council is this timely report prepared by the Bertlesmann Foundation. 

The (In)Divisible Report

(In)Divisible is based on interviews from the field with over 125 Americans from across the country and across the political spectrum. It explores the causes of polarization in the United States, and addresses the divisions felt along not only political but also socio-economic, geographic, racial and educational lines.

The Bertelsmann Foundation

The Bertelsmann Foundation was established in 2008 as the North American arm of the Germany-based Bertelsmann Stiftung. Through its research, debate forums and multimedia tools, the Foundation provides analysis and solutions to the most pressing economic, political and social challenges impacting the United States and Europe.

Our part

Joseph DiCiaro III from EarthShare Washington was joined by KC Golden from Climate Solutions and Sasha Pollack from Washington Environmental Council in discussing the difficulties of dealing with climate change. The topics in the report cover challneges in environmental issues and attitudes held both locally in Washington state and nationwide.

“You can make the case that the clean energy economy will produce far more and better share the prosperity than the fossil fuel economy ever could or would or did ... [However] it’s a big transition and this country [is] not great at bringing everybody along.”

 KC Golden


You can download the complete report for free and read what the study had to say about attitudes towards the media, economy, education, health care,  immigration, climate and other topics.  


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