Getting your company involved

Take the Earth Day Challenge

Photo by Christian Buehner

Get a group together of conservation heroes from your workplace, school, church, community, club or bring the family together to celebrate Earth Day. Sign your team up and set your goal.  Let your friends, clients, customers or associates know via Facebook, Twitter or by email and challenge them to join you or ask them to donate to your favorite cause or to support all of the eco charities involved in the challenge through your team page.

Donate procedes from recycling your used IT equipment to EarthShare Washington

EarthShare Washington has partnered with 3RTechnology to give you a great option to sell your used equipment and have all the proceeds go to support environmental and conservation programs. 3RTechnology purchases IT assets from businesses, large and small, providing competitive return on your IT investments including servers, network equipment, telecom, laptops, desktops, components, lab and medical equipment, and more. You can then give a portion or all of the proceeds to support EarthShare Washington.

Start an environmental engagement program or add the environment to your current giving campaign

EarthShare Washington partners with businesses and government agencies to educate employees about pressing environmental issues, share and create volunteer experiences and inspire them to give to EarthShare member organizations. Workplace giving campaigns offer ESW and our member organizations opportunities to speak and table at events, and we connect employees throughout the year with our member organizations through news, volunteer, and event listings on our website & newsletter.


ESW extends the outreach and fundraising capacity of our member organizations. We strive to reach a new audience with our environmental message -- to bring new donors, volunteers, and advocates into the movement - to serve as a unique connector between workplaces, environmental organizations, and the community.

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