How can your surplus IT equipment save the world?

3R Technology

What does your company do with its outdated IT equipment?  

EarthShare Washington has partnered with 3RTechnology to give you a great option to sell your used equipment and have all the proceeds go to support environmental and conservation programs. 3RTechnology purchases IT assets from businesses, large and small, providing competitive return on your IT investments including servers, network equipment, telecom, laptops, desktops, components, lab and medical equipment, and more. You can then give a portion or all of the proceeds to support EarthShare Washington. 

This is an easy way to help your company reach sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals and support the environment.

How can your surplus IT equipment help change the world? The remaining value of your outdated IT equipment can make a tremendous difference, now and for future generations, to preserve the environment, further education, and provide opportunities for under-served communities.

We’re the only R2:2013-certified IT asset disposition organization in the Pacific NW that actively purchases equipment at aggressive prices. Now we’re directing our remarketing expertise and refurbishment experience towards making a difference.

Some recycling organizations claim that they donate a portion of their profit or some of the actual hardware to charitable causes. However, you are rarely informed how much of your contribution may actually reach those in need, and few or no options of which missions the donation might support. Most of the value of your contribution may end up going to overhead and to pay employees to refurbish systems that still are sold at a profit to eligible entities and individuals.

Now, you can actually see how much and choose where your valuable contribution goes, and be assured that it goes directly to organizations that are making a difference.



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