Climate Change and Energy


Overwhelming scientific consensus and real-life impacts tell us that global warming is real, is caused by human activity, and is a significant threat to our health, economy and environment. Warming temperatures are responsible for rising sea levels, changes in the distribution of plants and animals, droughts, wildfires, increased risk of some infectious diseases, deadly heat waves, food and water shortages, and international conflict. EarthShare members are committed to addressing the causes and impacts of climatechange, as well as advocating for bold, sustainable, renewable energy solutions.

Infographic: Climate & Energy

See what we've been doing and learn how you can help with our latest infographics about the issues. If you're a corporate partner, ask about customized infographics for your company.Download the image by clicking on the thumbnail to the right or you can embed the infographic on your blog or website by using the following code:<iframe width="824" height="1155" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="overflow-y:hidden;" src=""></iframe>

Spark Northwest seeks to hire a strategic Executive Director

Spark Northwest seeks to hire a strategic Executive Director adept at building relationships, and identifying and pursuing new opportunities to lead the organization into its next chapter.Spark Northwest plays a unique role in the clean energy movement in the Pacific Northwest by helping to accelerate the shift to clean energy one community at a time, through on-the-ground projects and progressive policy advocacy. Whether working with rural farmers to deliver energy efficiency workshops, designing a community solar program for a municipal utility, helping a Native American tribe chart a clean energy plan, or assisting a low-income neighborhood to launch a group purchase campaign, Spark Northwest activates communities to work collectively towards a cleaner, healthier environment for generations to come.Successful candidates will be collaborative by nature, and capable of building and supporting an engaged staff and board team. They will be skilled at building robust external relationships and have a strong fundraising track record. Specific content expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency is a plus, and we seek candidates who are deeply passionate about and committed to accelerating the shift to clean energy through equitable access, community empowerment, and advocacy.POSTING DATE May 14, 2019DEADLINE Applications submitted by June 12, 2019 at 5:00pm PST will be given full consideration. Interviewing will begin in mid-June. Early applications are strongly encouraged.Apply Now

EarthShare Washington adds voice to (In)Divisible Report

EarthShare Washington Executive Director, Joseph DiChiaro III is quoted along with EarthShare Washington members Climate Solutions and Washington Environmental Council is this timely report prepared by the Bertlesmann Foundation. The (In)Divisible Report(In)Divisible is based on interviews from the field with over 125 Americans from across the country and across the political spectrum. It explores the causes of polarization in the United States, and addresses the divisions felt along not only political but also socio-economic, geographic, racial and educational lines.The Bertelsmann FoundationThe Bertelsmann Foundation was established in 2008 as the North American arm of the Germany-based Bertelsmann Stiftung. Through its research, debate forums and multimedia tools, the Foundation provides analysis and solutions to the most pressing economic, political and social challenges impacting the United States and Europe.Our partJoseph DiCiaro III from EarthShare Washington was joined by KC Golden from Climate Solutions and Sasha Pollack from Washington Environmental Council in discussing the difficulties of dealing with climate change. The topics in the report cover challneges in environmental issues and attitudes held both locally in Washington state and nationwide.“You can make the case that the clean energy economy will produce far more and better share the prosperity than the fossil fuel economy ever could or would or did ... [However] it’s a big transition and this country [is] not great at bringing everybody along.” KC GoldenDownloadYou can download the complete report for free and read what the study had to say about attitudes towards the media, economy, education, health care,  immigration, climate and other topics.  

Paris Climate Agreement : Is your business still in?

After the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement more than 900 companies have declared that they're still in. Is your company still committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility? EarthShare member WRI outlines the top 4 ways to stay committed.4 BIG IDEAS IN SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSWorld Resources Institute news4 Big Ideas in Sustainable BusinessAdd Comment|PrintShopping will change. Flickr/Elvind Sandstad Green initiatives have taken root in the corporate world. Rising numbers of companies have promised to cut emissions, protect forests and watersheds, reduce food waste and take other steps to ensure a sustainable future for all. While President Trump recently decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, over 900 American companies announced that they are still in. Behind this... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more...06/08/2017 - 14:15Hayden Higgins

4 Ways Companies Can Show Climate Leadership

EarthShare member, World Resources Institute has a great framework for companies to take a stand on climate change. Things that make your company a climate leader include disclosing your emissions, set agressive targets, set your internal carbon tax and by speaking up on climate policy. If you're in Washington or Oregon there are Climate Solutions programs that bring together executives and other business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to regional leadership, strong action to reduce global warming pollution and a transition to a clean and energy-efficient economy.World Resources Institute news - 4 Ways Companies Can Show Climate LeadershipAdd Comment|PrintThe climate change risks to corporations, investors and the planet are increasing markedly.  A version of this article originally appeared on Thomson Reuters. The latest UNEP report concludes that even if the Paris INDC commitments are kept, the world will likely see dramatic rises in temperature, exceeding 3 degrees C. This means non-state actors, including global corporations and their investors,... - Wil Thomas - 4 WAYS COMPANIES CAN SHOW CLIMATE LEADERSHIPIf your company is in Washington or Oregon be sure to get involved with Climate Solution's Business Leaders for Climate Solutions (BLCS) program and sign on to the Oregon Business Climate Declaration or the Washington Business Climate Declaration today!  

Clean up the grid- news from the Clean & Affordable Energy Conference

Member group NW Energy Coalition held thir annual conference with over 200 key players in the environmental community and energy industry. The conference highlighted the gains that had been made in the clean energy economy and how to maintain the momentum we've built.NW Energy Coalition news - Amid uncertainty about what recent election results will mean for environmental policy and the fate of the planet, a remarkable clarity pervaded the NW Energy Coalition Clean & Affordable Energy conference this past Thursday in Portland. David Roberts, Vox energy and climate columnist and the conference’s keynote speaker, opened the day by reminding an audience of more than two-hundred that, regardless of coming battles and possible changes in energy and environmental policy both in Washington DC and in the Northwest, there remains a simple imperative. If we are to avoid doing...CLEAN UP THE GRID AND ELECTRIFY EVERYTHING 

Grassroots Outreach Internship

Northwest SEED is looking for a motivated, energetic person to build and demonstrate public support for residential and community-scale renewable energy policies. The Grassroots Outreach Intern will focus on grassroots organizing, creating public education materials, and assisting with direct outreach to legislators, administration officials, and other stakeholders around the state. The intern will work with Northwest SEED’s Policy Manager and other staff to prepare policy and influence the 2016 legislative session in Washington. Please click here to learn more about the position.

Do one thing: Climate & energy

We are committed to addressing the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as advocating for bold sustainable, renewable energy solutions.  We hope you can find ways to conserve energy and help reduce your carbon footprint.WHAT YOU CAN DO AT HOMEHead over to Energy Star and create a profile of your home's energy efficiency features and get a prioritized list of energy-saving recommendations customized to your home.See Puget Sound Energy's upgrades/rebates here.Go LED for light. Seattle City Light gives instant rebates through their selected retailers when you purchase LED bulbs and fixtures and has a tool to let you know how much LED you need to replace your current bulbs.  Check for rebates in your area.GreenUp your energy.  You can choose to purchase clean and renewable energy for as little as $3 a month. If you need information outside the coverage areas listed above check out  for incentives across the state.FOR EACH BARREL OF OIL WE BURN, WE EMIT HOW MANY POUNDS OF CLIMATE-WARMING GASES?A. 2 POUNDSB. 60 POUNDSC. 100 POUNDSD. 1 TON (2,000 LBS)Answer: b. 60 pounds             Source: Cascadia Scorecard 2007, Sightline InstituteWHAT YOU CAN DO AT WORKTravel by bike for a carbon free way to get around. Try out Washington Bike’s list of bike maps on the best path to commute to work. your company’s energy program with help at Energy Star. This will help you make a plan, evaluate your success and find incentives to help along the way. the list of incentives and rebates for energy conservation in Seattle here: or find your local incentive program here:

Solar in Snoqualmie

EarthShare Washington member group, Northwest SEED, is launching a project in the city of Snoqualmie to help residents go solar. Beat the end of the federal tax credit and see if your home might be a good fit for solar at workshops coming up soon.Now, more than any other time, might be the best opportunity for Snoqualmie residents to install solar panels on their homes. The city of Snoqualmie is partnering with Northwest Wind and Solar and Northwest SEED (Sustainable Energy for Economic Development) to bring affordable installations of solar energy systems to the community.Read more...


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