Water Issues

Every living thing on the planet shares the same water resources and these resources face severe challenges in the years ahead. Global warming increases the frequency and severity of droughts and floods. Runoff from industrial processes like electricity generation and manufacturing adds pollutants to rivers, lakes, and oceans. Of the 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water on the planet, just2.5% of it is fresh water. With increasing demands on resources, water scarcity could result in conflicts between people and a loss of biodiversity as aquatic habitats disappear or are irreversibly damaged. EarthShare member organizations are addressing water scarcity and pollution, marine life and fresh water endangerment, and climate change-driven impacts on the water supply.




Works internationally to protect marine wildlife and human health through programs to end pollution and destructive fishing practices, and to ensure vibrant, healthy oceans.

Oceana was established in 2001 by a group of leading foundations — The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Ocean Conservancy

Through research, education, and science-based advocacy, The Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires, and empowers people to speak and act on behalf of the oceans.

Our vision is a healthy ocean that sustains life on our planet. We envision a world where we all work together to keep the ocean and our coastal communities healthy and prosperous.

Clean Water Fund

Neighborhood-based action and education programs bringing people, businesses and government together for sensible solutions that protect water and health, prevent pollution, and conserve natural resources.

American Rivers

Working to protect and restore healthy, natural rivers for the benefit of people and wildlife; ensuring clean drinking water, natural flood protection, and recreational enjoyment.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, American Rivers has offices across the country and more than 100,000 supporters, members, and volunteers nationwide.

Washington Water Trust

Since 1998, Washington Water Trust (WWT) has been restoring healthy and sustainable flows in our state’s rivers and streams for fish, farms, people and wildlife. To date, WWT has improved flows-even in drought-years- along more than 550 miles of stream and secured upwards of 28.28 billion gallons of water to remain instream.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Our non-profit, non-partisan mission - stopping pollution - makes measurable differences in bringing clean water back to Puget Sound. We address Washington State Department of Ecology's number one identified water quality issue facing Puget Sound - polluted stormwater runoff. Stormwater enters the Sound directly through storm drains after rain washes off of streets, lawns, industrial facilities and construction sites.


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