Some bad news for pretty much every every public space in the country. The Land and Water Conservation Fund paid for public parks from royalties on oil and gas leases and it was allowed to expire last week.

Mountains to Sound Greenway news - The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund paid for state, federal and local parks without any taxes, relying on royalty money from federal oil and gas leases. Or at least it did until Republicans recently killed it by letting the funding expire. Peter Jackson is a writer and the son of the late Washington Sen. Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson. He told KUOW’s David Hyde this decision's impact will be felt all around the country, including Washington state. “There's barely any county in the state that isn't affected in some way, whether it's a community pool, whether it's a county park,” Peter Jackson said. “There's the Mountains-to-Sound Greenway, Mount Rainier National Park. There's a $4 million proposal right now to help the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.” So no taxes. Lots of examples of special places. What do Republicans say about why they let the fund expire? “In fairness we're talking about a minority of a minority of Republicans. In this case it’s Rob Bishop, who is the chair [of the House Natural Resources Committee] who has expressed concern that we can't even manage the lands that we currently have. But if there were a vote on reauthorization...

Mountains to Sound Greenway news


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